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Florida 20, Georgia 15, Murray 8, Patton 7, Gurley 7, Brown 7, Mack Brown 4, Fowler 4, Gators 3, Murphy 3, Artie Lynch 3, Leon Orr 2, Muschamp 2, Wilson 2, Ahmad Fulwood 2, Casanova Mckenzie 2, Kelvin Taylor 2, Wiggins 2, Gary 2, Verne 2,
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    November 2, 2013
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lynch does not fall on the ball. >> verne: al ford is the replay official. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field is confirmed. >>y: ay'sy momentum makes the football drift to his left. watch murray falls back. as he falls back, it makes the ball drift back. it's right there. easy catch. lynch totally takes his eyes off the play. that's totally e-6 there as red sox players would say, e-88. >> verne: first and 10 florida, up the middle she goes, it's mack brown, number 33. >> gary: two big mistakes by lynch on that play.
mack brown runs right over, was it herrera? >> verne: yes. second and one. >> verne: brown again. gets around the corner. touchdown, gators. >> gary: it was florida last year that had six turnovers in this game. four fumbles and two interceptions. but it's a turnover in red territory, positive territory by lynch right there that got florida in position to score. >> verne: francisco vey lez with the extra point. number 95.
>> gary: it start with the turnover. big play. huge play. lynch knew he had it, and then just forgot to be a football player and cover the ball mack brown comes in, he's fresh and he takes it on strong and then on the next one bounces outside and florida back in the football game. you tumbled in headfirst. all arms and legs, looking everywhere, moving everywhere. ♪ you went where your eyes and ears took you. and little by little, you became you. you found tools to satisfy your curiosity because you wanted to see more and do more. and there was something to be found in everything. and little by little, it changed. people told you things. but wait, there's more. where to go, what to do, what not to do. little by little, the world started to feel smaller.
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start music >> verne: we welcome you back to jacksonville. 23-10. interesting, florida held the ball to open this half for 7:09 and did not get any points, and after that lateral call and the recovery by orr, they scored in 37 seconds. >> gary: remember, the replay official didn't have anything to overturn that. that was confirmed. i did not see that as a forward pass. called a lateral on the field, i think it was the right call by the replay official. >> verne: austin hardin will kick off.
sheldon dawson will take it at the five. my goodness. >> gary: a little juice from the florida football team. >> verne: let's go back to the lateral and the call made by the line judge, michael taylor. >> gary: look down here. is this where the call is made? his angle is not very good either. >> verne: watch closely. there is the indication. >> gary: he called lateral, but his angle was not on top of it either. no way he could have known exactly if that was a lateral or not. >> verne: first and 10. a 13-point ballgame. >> verne: gurley on the sweep to the left. david andrews, the center, pulling and blocking in front of him. >> gary: as gassed -- >> verne: fowler and gurley get
into it. leon orr. >> verne: the combatants are gurley, and fowler. >> gary: i think florida -- as good as fowler sees that he's had this year, i think florida would take that trade. and now a late flag. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: definitely something happened at the bottom of that pile that time. let's see if we see something happen because gurley was very upset at the end of this play. nothing. nothing. i don't see anything. >> verne: leon orr was a
late-arriving combatant. >> gary: i think that's just normal -- >> referee: following the play, unsportsmanlike conduct, the defense, unsportsmanlike conduct, number 88 of the offense. fouls offset. second down. >> gary: just remember, if those two players get another one they'll be out of the football game so there is a consequence on the call. >> verne: second down and six. >> gary: we were talking about that gurley had been gassed but you've got to believe the georgia defense is gassed. 15 plays to three for florida in the second half. >> verne: murray. nothing. ronald powell. number seven. >> gary: it's right in the strength of the florida football team now.
third-down defense. can they get a stop? this defense was built for third down. >> verne: third and six. >> gary: same defense that they scored the touchdown to gurley on. >> verne: murray has to get rid of it and is dropped by -- >> gary: he knew he was getting that rush when they gimmicked against the linebackers, he knew it was coming, he knew he had to get rid of it quickly. beless. the ball was on him.
>> verne: nathan theus is the long snapaer. had one is good. barber gets rid of it. roberson lets it bounce and it takes a georgia roll. then he picks it up. >> gary: good job by georgia. florida went for the block. >> verne: 46-yard punt and two on the return. >> gary: well, well, well. >> verne: we have a ballgame, sir. >> gary: you can feel it, you can just feel it. >> verne: 4:48 to go. time called. we're in the third quarter. another look at that scuffle between gurley and fowler.
>> verne: time now to present red lobster's scholar athlete of the game and because this is a neutral-site game we honor two men. the first, dante fowler. an aspiring tv broadcaster, a
3.0 grade point average. and his counterpart for the bulldogs aaron murrayy, finalist for the football foundation campbell trophy. he's already gotten one degree. he's working on another. red lobster's commitment to the investment in our future shown by donating $1,000 to each school's general scholarship fund. first and 10. murray will throw deep left side. incomplete. shaq wiggins will chat with you as well. he's a vocal cornerback. >> gary: you almost have to have that alter ego. out there on your own. last year playing high school football and now you're out there being picked on in a big football game like this, he can feel that this has changed -- that florida is believing in themselves right now. >> verne: wiggins is on patton. now patton goes in motion.
they'll give it to taylor. he's got some room. wiggins makes the tackle. 4:30 to go. >> verne: >> gary: floyd doesn't play smart defense. he freelances at the end of the play. you're supposed to squeeze this. he tries to run around the block. he runs around the block and makes it an easy gain for florida. >> verne: third and three. they had him and they get it to patton about the time the tackle is made. patton -- >> gary: this play could have lost 15 yards. it's going to end up being a 15-yard gain.
>> gary: josh harvey-clemons, and we've got more flags going. >> verne: that's at least three. coaches trying to separate the players. >> gary: this could have been a 15-yard loss and it's going to be a 15-yard gain. ramik wilson beat him there. the handoff is barely made, and patton gets outside, and trying to save the first down, harvey-clemons gets the horse collar, and then from there we see everything else. immediate pulldown of the ballcarrier. that is an easy call. >> verne: but remember, we saw one called where there was a sideways motion. >> gary: it has to be immediate. it has to be backward. and i think that was. >> verne: will muschamp and
marka richt. >> gary: just think, that ball could have been bobbled, fumbled, popped out when wilson was back there, and then the speed got around the corner. what a save for the florida offense. >> verne: wilson thought he had the tackle. >> gary: sure did. >> verne: they get the ball to patton. >> gary: it's a blitz. called the a-gap. first gap outside the center. nobody blocks him. away we go. and you know without that tackle by harvey-clemons, i think he would have picked up the first down. now they're at least going to put 15 more yards on the end of this. >> referee: during the play, we have a live-ball personal foul horse collar, number 25 of the
defense. that penalty will be enforced 15 yards. automatic first down. following the play we have unsportsmanlike conduct. number, white. unsportsmanlike conduct. number 52, white. dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct number 72, blue. unsportsmanlike conduct, 74, blue. first down. >> gary: so four more players have offsetting personal dead-ball fouls, one more and they're out of the football game. >> verne: another look at the horse collar. herreraa and jenkins are the two georgia players. trenton brown and jonathan harrison the two georgia players. -- the two florida players. >> gary: you saw will muschamp tell his assistant coaches to
"keep my guys on the sideline. i do not want them running out and getting ejected." >> verne: first and 10. under four to go, third quarter. murphy. incomplete. >> gary: i think it was kelvin taylor who picked up the blitz that time very effectively and allowed at least an incomplete pass. the last phase for these running backs is picks up the blitz. he did a good job of it that time. >> verne: second down, 10. the 40 yard line of georgia. patton in the slot. kelvin taylor is the running back.
gideon ajagbe. >> gary: he's gotten very aggressive here, he's blitzed almost every down on this drive trying to pressure florida into a mistake. >> verne: third and 10, gators seven of 14-1 of the problems for georgia's defense this year, giving up 42% convergence on third down. >> referee: false start. 73 offense. five-yard penalty. still third down. >> verne: tyler moore. was at right tackle. had to move to left tackle because d.j. humphries is out for four weeks. in the last game he was called for two false start penalties.
>> gary: he was a bit of a question mark the right tackle, he's had to switch to left tackle. i think he's he's had a decent game here. >> verne: third and 15. murphy gets rid of it. caught. trey burton. a flag is down. >> gary: this flag is sitting right in front of the georgia bench. >> referee: illegal formation. offense. number 74. more than four men in the backfield. five-yard penalty. repeat third down. >> gary: right there. lined up in the backfield. the georgia bench is standing right in the earpiece of that official, and he makes the call. you know they were yelling. "he's too far back, he's too far back."
>> verne: trenton brown getting his first start today. >> gary: that alignment has to intersect the belt buckle of the center. when you're winged back like that, that's a penalty. he must be up closer to the line of scrimmage. >> verne: they call it on brown. it's third and 20. crossing pattern underneath. ahmad fulwood wood. -- ahmad fulwood. you were asking about the sequence of plays, 12-play drive, 14-play drive, this is the 11th and johnny townsend is going to come on. >> gary: and georgia will say defense safe. they will look for the fake here.
>> verne: rhett mcgowan deep in case. fourth and nine. townsend. beautiful. >> gary: that's what i was looking for at the end of the half. >> verne: [laughing] yes. that's a 36-yard punt. downed at the three yard line. ♪ music retirement solutions from new york life can help you keep good going. so hurry in and try three succulent entrées. like our new snow crab and crab butter shrimp, just $14.99. only at red lobster where we sea food differently. [ male announcer ] now try 7 lunch choices at $7.99. sandwiches, salads, and more. hut! go! here it comes!
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and it's good! >> tim: tim brando in new york with this "liberty mutual insurance update." a long drive for arkansas to open this game on senior day but brandon allen got hirt. enter a.j. derby. tipped ball intercepted by casanova mckenzie for the tigers. this one got a little chippy earlier in the week when bret bielema had problems with the film exchange. verne, back to you. >> verne: that's one of the great names in college ball. casanova mckenzie. right up there with bacardi rambo and barkevious mingo. spots gurley over the -- murray spots gurley over the middle. arthur lynch.
he has one touchdown toss today. goes deep left side. that set up a field goal at the end of the half. and now murray and the georgia offense. they've run five plays in this quarter. >> gary: lucky he held onto it. that is the cornerback's job and loucheiz purifoy makes the play. that's the first thing you have to do when you're running a play action pass is make sure that blind corner to the short side of the field is not in a position to blitz. who's got this guy? they're talking to artie lynch. should artie lynch have turned out? he went out for a pass. >> verne: yes, he did, and puroy foy came in unchecked. >> gary: yes. whether there was a mistake by lynch and murray thought he was
protected, or he should have turned around and looked for him, we don't know, but it was a two-point play and florida continues to turn this into a fourth quarter game. >> verne: so the safety. 23-12 and a free kick coming. >> gary: is lynch supposed to turn out and block before he goes out? one might assume, but i don't know the rule, to be honest. >> verne: there is purifoy. >> gary: could be called either way. the receiver could be hot. he has to turn around and look. neither the quarterback nor the tight end accounted for the short corner. >> verne: collin barber will take the free kick. >> gary: verne, this is going to amplify the number of plays georgia defense has been out there. so far in the second half it's
been 21 plays on offense for florida. only six for georgia. for two yards. in this quarter. >> verne: wow. 23-1 barber witthe free kick. marcus roberson is the deep man for the gators. >> gary: amazing that murray did not fumble that ball. >> verne: yes, it is. at the 35. >> verne: across the 50 and downed at the 49 yard line. josh harvey-clemons makesa the tackle. look at this. >> gary: 21-6 for two yards for georgia. everything that was so easy in the first half, ever since that lateral, not lateral, artie lynch dropped the screen that would have picked up 20 yards,
florida has caught fire here. >> verne: this is a florida offense that has not garnered yardage at all this year. play action. murphy. rit side. caught by the fullback. hinter joyer. number 41. a gain of seven. leonard floyd made the tackle. >> g if you're georgia or a georgia fan, you're thinking we gave up 17 points to vandy in the fourth quarter. a lot of time left in this game. >> verne: mack brown is the running back. joyer offset to the left. leads the way around the left side. brown. tripped by his own man, clay burton appears to have made contact with his heel on brown's ankle.
>> verne: fulwood back on, dunbar, patton. third and three. could be the final play of the third quarter. >> verne: brown to the 40 yard line. >> verne: and the clock will stop on the first down. >> gary: we've got a fourth quarter football game, two-possession game, 11 points. a lot of time. >> verne: that is the end of the third with our score 23-12.
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